Alexander Rokoff

RokoffStudioClasses_w800Welcome to Rokoff Studio! I teach a straightforward approach to all aspects of painting still lifes, figures and portraits in oil. I work with students ranging from absolute beginners who are convinced they can’t paint, to professionals looking to polish their skill set. Classes are small to ensure plenty of individual attention.

Current summer courses are held at the Falcon Art Community on
Monday evenings 6:30-9:30
and Sunday mornings 9:30-12:30
Courses run for six weeks and each student is on their own six week track as people are coming and going.
Tuition for the six week course is $450.00 and includes ALL materials and model fees.

With Alexander’s patience and expertise, I learned in time the skills to paint with confidence anything I attempt now.  His method of teaching is fun, informative, intense, unique and effective!  The knowledge and skills I learned from his courses are priceless!
- Linda Burkhouse, international flight attendant

You are immediately thrust into the paint.  If you thought you would never use that 7th grade geometry knowledge, you are wrong.  It comes to play in the first hour of the course, paintbrush in hand.  What is a cast shadow? What is a form shadow?  How do you create dimension from a flat surface?  By the end of the first course session, you have a figure.  By the end of the series, you have not a portrait but a person with personality, a life, and a history.  In my experience, Alexander does not teach how to paint, he teaches how to see life, capture it in paint, and seal it in varnish.
- Heide Island, Ph.D.
CAS Faculty Chair | Associate Professor | Behavioral Neuroscience

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