Ben Darwish

Morning Ritual.  Ben Darwish and the Shook TwinsA native to Portland, Ben Darwish has been playing and teaching music professionally for over ten years. He received his Bachelor of Music In Jazz Studies from the University of Oregon and has since given master classes to their Jazz Studies majors. He performs frequently and encourages student performances. In both jazz and classical, he focuses on providing a solid foundation in music theory and technique. As they become more adept, students will begin to find their own voice in music.

Ben received the 2010 ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award, the 2011 Individual Artist Grant from the Oregon Arts Commission, and most recently, was awarded a 2013 RACC Project Grant.  He performs under his own name and leads several bands, including a collaborative project with Shook Twins called Morning Ritual.  He is a regular member of the bass virtuoso, Damian Erskine’s band, and has toured with the million-selling pop/soul/rock singer and songwriter, Gino Vannelli.

Required Lesson Material
• Folder with lined notebook paper and manuscript paper (print at
• Method-book or music as recommended by instructor
• Pencil
• Metronome (intermediate+)
• Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist in Sixty Exercises (intermediate+)

Pre-paid Rates (lessons weekly or bi-weekly)
30 mins = $25 45 mins = $35 1 hour = $45
Due at the first lesson of each month. For drop-in rates, add $5 to each prepaid rate.

Attendance Policy
Lessons will begin and end at their scheduled times so please do not be late!
If the lesson begins late by a fault of mine, the lesson may be extended in
compensation, or be rescheduled. Lessons may be cancelled with more than
24 hour notice but I accept only one excused cancellation per month. Students
will be responsible for payment for missed lessons without sufficient notice.
Major holidays will be observed and should be discussed before payment. You
will not be charged for lessons that I cannot attend due to my performance
schedule or other conflicts and credit for the lesson will roll over to the next

Outside of lessons
As with any skill-based art, consistent daily practice is important for the
student’s progress. Rather than “cramming” in one long session, it is much
more productive to spread that time out in smaller sessions throughout the
week. Also, it is important for the student to listen to as much music as
possible. This includes listening to recorded music on the radio, CD’s or
mp3′s, and attending live concerts. The Internet offers many ways to discover
new music. Some of my favorites include and